About Me

How I went from a curious child in an analog world to an even more curious digital designer and developer over my lifetime.

My first computer - Only 64kb of RAM

My very first computer was the venerable Commodore 64. It was my entry into the digital world before the internet was even a thing. I could see the value in using this capable tool to get my thoughts and ideas from my head onto the computer screen. Needless to say, it’s been an incredible journey since that time, thanks to the advent of the internet and exponentially faster and more capable computers. There is no such thing as “too fast” when it comes to processing power as any designer or developer will tell you.

Computer programming to web development

I attended a magnet school located in Baltimore, Maryland which gave the core classes along with computer programming (COBOL, RPG and Visual Basic). One of the last semesters was a brand-new class on HTML. From the moment I created my first web page, I knew this was my calling. I have been creating websites ever since.

Design & Programming Backgrounds Merge

I attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts, located in York, Pennsylvania, to foster a strong design background and merge that with my programming experience. That set the stage for my professional career, landing my first job before I graduated at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s most experienced advertising agency where I was able to further hone my skills.

Today and Beyond

I consider myself to be truly blessed to wake-up each day and use my skills to help others. It makes my career incredibly rewarding and continual learning and application of new ideas. The digital world and advanced applications today all assist in the transfer of ideas and concepts from my head into actual working solutions. In ways that were seemingly unimaginable just years ago. This makes my job infinitely intertwined with technological progress, and that’s just fine for me!

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