Case Studies

Here are some recent samples of projects I’ve completed in the last year. Click the buttons to learn more.

RSM recently had a rebranding and wanted their website to reflect the changes. This was also a great time to bring the RSM website current by having responsive designs so it can be browsed on any device.

A leader in the business technology workspace, E2 Optics wanted their website to reflect this. A cutting-edge design and an eye towards recruitment came together for a successful launch that ticked all their boxes.

Hunt Valley Laser & Skin Care Center is a longtime client, utilizing my services for their marketing and promotional efforts since 2012. Learn what went into their most recent website design.

InstallTech provides installation services to the Central Pennsylvania area and handles contracts with Lowes and other big retailers. They wanted a site that can help establish their online presence and roll out additional features as they become available.

K&A Industries wanted a customized website interface that allows customers to browse all their products, while also serving as a catalog that can helps sales reps generate easy-to-use quotes. Learn how this was accomplished.

InsuranceNewsNet needed a dedicated landing page and marketing website. It allows subscribers to customize their content so they receive relevant emails. The site was designed with enhanced meta data to track specific campaigns.

During my tenure at AAA Central Penn, I asked to give their membership print materials a refresh. The before and after shots will show you how the visuals went from the 1990s to the mid-2010s and gave a more cohesive feeling with the online materials that were being distributed. I do enjoy being able to crossover from time to time and keep my print design skills sharpened.